How I became an eagle

I went on a journey with my coach and dear friend Marcelle. I was guided to go on a journey within. This journey had many beautiful elements, for this post I will focus on just one element. One being that appeared on this journey was an eagle.

As I was sitting in cross legged position the eagle flew towards me and landed next to me. The moment I directed my attention with a peaceful gaze towards the eagle it entered my body. My human body dissolved and I became the eagle. I decided to go and fly high in the sky.

Freedom. Overview. Vision.

The eagle stands as a metaphor for my higher self. The eagle sees all parallel realities and timelines and will always guide me towards what’s most beneficial to my life journey here on earth.

Zooming out and Re-designing your life

Instead of being zoomed into your current life circumstances it can be very helpful to zoom out and imagine different possibilities. You can create different scenarios and feel into what feels the most exciting to create.

Here are a few questions you can play with when imagining the most exciting scenario, architecture, and environment for your future life:


  • What is your main intention/calling? (your north star)
  • Who do you want to hang out with?
  • What do you do? (work, sport, hobby)
  • Where do you live?

My calling is people experiencing love.


Design Your Life - Coach Session

With a 1 on 1 Skype session, I can help you re-design your life from a zoomed out Eagle perspective.

I am a Dreamschool certified coach. All sessions I give are currently donation based.