Surrender doesn’t mean to open up your system and let happen whatever happens.

To surrender is to deeply listen to your own inner voice and dare to embody that.

To let go of stories and be in the moment fully and follow your own resonance.


Being brave enough to face your fears

Can you be brave enough to say: “Hey, I feel afraid, can you sit with me for a while?”.

No matter what you are feeling, it doesn’t define you in any way. It’s just you, this moment and what’s going on right now.

The next moment might be totally different.

Can you allow it, and tell yourself: “Hey fear, thanks for visiting, stay as long as you like. I am here”.

Are you brave enough to be vulnerable and move towards it instead of avoiding it?


Children, here to bring something new.

Listen. Give Space.

Yes, you can make them feel save and show them the rules we have set up in this world and No, you are in no way superior to them, you don’t have more knowledge either.

Get out of the way. Allow them to explore, crash and get up again. And love, love, love.

Be the space that allows them to bring their gifts. Show them you have faith.

Let them show us where systems are no longer working and in need to crumble to the ground.

Let the new arise and be amazed.