Surrender doesn’t mean to open up your system and let happen whatever happens. To surrender is to deeply listen to your own inner voice and dare to embody that. To let go of stories and be in the moment fully and follow your own resonance.

Private Sessions

About the sessions

In a private session with Bart you will get the space to express yourself. He will take time to listen while being present with a pure and peaceful vibe. He will offer you calm, centered and honest reflections, so you can face what’s alive in the moment and establish a strong connection with your own natural flow.

About Bart

Bart is a life coach who has integrated a lot in the field of meditation, self-acceptance and following his heart. His intention for the 1 on 1 sessions is to show you the amazing being that you already are, to hold a safe space where emotions and thoughts can flow so you will arive at the natural state where being and loving yourself is the most effortless way.

Experiences from others

Noralie Brandsma

Noralie Brandsma
I have experienced Bart as honest, observative, kind, sharp, patient, creative. He is like a mirror to me; I have to face what’s alive inside me at that moment. The calmness he brings feels supportive to this process, as if he says without words: “I mirror you and have faith in you being able to handle what you see, and also; I’m here for you.”

Anke Holties

Anke Holties
Underlying everything he says there’s this whisper constantly saying, “Hey it’s okay, you may come home to this experience”. He’s utterly calm, it can be frustrating when a mechanism in me wants someone to go with me in the chaos and blur and then there’s Bart, calm and centered, and honest. In that I love meeting the other, through honest reflections, and in this honesty I have met Bart, I wish this for everyone.

Donation Based

You can book a time (30 or 60 minutes) on my Facebook page by clicking the book now button on this page. After booking the time you can donate here to confirm your session. I’ll personally contact you to approve the chosen time via Messenger.